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12 Bake-off Empanadas, mixed flavor – 280 kr

24 Bake-off Empanadas, mixed flavor – 500 kr


12 Bake-off empanadas, mixed flavors – 250 kr

24 Bake-off empanadas, mixed flavors – 450 kr


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12 empanadas, mixed flavors 280 kr
24 empanadas, mixed flavors 500 kr

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Chilenita KL

A filling of fine prime rib and12 a few spices, defined flavors. Prime rib, olives, raisins, onions, eggs.

Chicken Provensal KP

Fresh chicken meets finely tuned flavors. Certified chicken, garlic, habanero chili, parsley, thyme, water chestnuts and sun-dried tomatoes.

Cheese Chantarelle OK

Tres quesos married to chanterelle and fried onions. Criollo cheese, mozzarella, gouda, onions, chanterelle wild mushrooms.

Spinach S

Chopped leaf spinach with feta cheese and refreshing lemon. Together with the crispy bread, this becomes a true taste sensation. Spinach, yellow onion, feta cheese, lemon juice, lemon peel, garlic, pepper, nutmeg.

Tre Quesos O

Our love declaration to cheese! Three well-known cheeses combined with lean and round taste, topped with nutmeg and pepper.

Vego Provensal VP

Vegan flavored with hot chili from South America and garlic. Exciting and fresh. Eco-soy mince, garlic, habanero chili, water chestnuts, sun-dried tomatoes.

Vego Salteña VS

A tasty mix of fresh vegetables and spices, with eco-soybeans such as base, green peas, parsley, potatoes, olives, raisins, corn, onions, tomatoes, oregano, parsley.

Our Ämpanadas ™ are made from genuine quality raw materials and according to both traditional recipes and our own creations. Choose from our various fillings’ meat, chicken, vegetarian, vegan or cheese.

Price list

2 bake-off empanadas, mixed flavors 280 kr

24 bake-off empanadas, mixed flavors 500 kr

Latin American patties, empanadas, are crispy, crispy breads with delicious fillings that are advantageously eaten with just the hands. Enjoy a fresh-made Ämpanada ™ standing on the lunch break or bring home to the family’s Friday lunch – or why not order catering as a mingle meal at the next conference or customer event?

Our Ämpanadas ™ are made from genuine quality raw materials and are baked according to traditional recipes in our newly started factory in Vällingby. Choose from our various fillings meat, vegetarian, vegan or cheese as well as various sauces.

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