Ämpanadans globetrotter

A nice summer day in 2015 me and my husband were in New York to visit family and friends. That’s when we got the idea to start Ämpanadas in Stockholm – fresh homemade Latinamerican empanadas, gourmet fast food. Vegan, vegetarian or meat, with high quality that fits all because you can fill the bread as desired.

I grew up in Argentina. Empanadas were always a favorite meal for me and my friends and a favorite week-end treat. Today empanadas in Argentina and New York have become a new and trendy food., Empanadas are popular as lunch or dinner among families with children and people on the go.

During that lunch break in New York, I realized that there is no access to homemade Ämpanadas in the Swedes’ everyday life. That’s what I bet on! Three years later we are still here and growing strong!

Thank you for that!

Mariana Ling